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Written by Mark Titus on FB:


A big thank you to Christelle Harris and her charity organization, who not only donated thousands of dollars worth of supplies to our back to school treat in Bounty Hall, Trelawny recently, but along with the ever glowing Mrs Ruth Hussey took the time from their very busy schedule to spend the evening with the beneficiaries, respect!!


Trelawny sugar belt anticipates good times again

Published: Wednesday | October 14, 2009

A commitment by Everglades Farm to pump some US$6.2 million (J$549.8 million) into the Long Pond and Hampden sugar estates has created an air of expectation among former workers in the sugar-dependent communities.

“The factory is being repaired and planting is going on right around, so it shows that these people are serious about business and this is what we want right now," said 45-year-old Edwin Brown, who was found seated among a group of men in the vicinity of the Long Pond Estate on a visit by Wednesday Business to the Trelawny sugar belt.

Everglades Farms is committed to developing the region in a manner that will provide a sustainable future founded on rebuilding its economic base, respect for green infrastructure and rebuilding of the social infrastructure.


Long Pond Sugar Factory closing for repairs Work could take at least one year

Published: Friday | July 02, 2010


CLARKS TOWN, Trelawny — The privately-owned Long Pond Sugar Factory here will be closed for at least one year to facilitate a multi-million dollar repair job on the defective boilers at the facility.

"This season (2009/2010 crop) we had problems generating steam from the boilers to run the plant, so we brought in the experts to inspect them and deliver the appropriate report that would advise us on what has to be done," said Outram Hussey, an executive of Everglades, owner of the factory. The report, he said, indicated that the three boilers at the sugar processing factory are broken, and are in need of major rehabilitation, adding that the company is now in the process of getting quotations to rebuild the boilers.

"They are very expensive items and to put them in takes a lot of time, so the work will not be completed in time for the start of crop in January," he said. Hussey noted that in the past other sugar processing plants in the island have had to suspend the processing of sugar, in an effort to achieve efficiency at their factories.


Published: Saturday | June 5, 2010


In a violent society where the perceived order of the day is for persons to trample on each other, there are still those who are kind enough to reach out to the needy and seek to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

One such person is the 2006 Miss Jamaica world runner-up, Christelle Harris. Harris, through her charity, The Christelle Harris Charity fund, started in June 2008 with the aim of providing support for patients at the Bustamante Hospital for children, has launched a series of projects geared at facilitating improvements in schools in Trelawny.

The schools currently under renovation thanks to her fund include Dumfries Basic School, St Michaels Early Childhood Institution and Cedric Titus High School.

The Christelle Harris Charity Fund partners with Everglades Farms Ltd. on a variety of social infrastructure projects in Trelawny.