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Rum Fire

Hampden launches the long awaited Trelawny JB of antiquity, a truly legendary rum under the brand name Rum Fire.

Indeed an historic moment in Jamaican rum history, Hampden releases the quintessential Trelawny JB. The white rum that has been in circulation for decades is now available on the retail market. Already, the region is ecstatic about it's release to the local market and companies have expressed great interest in partnering with Hampden for the distribution of Rum Fire. It is therefore with great pleasure that Hampden releases this truly authentic, historic, smooth, vibrant renegade rum. It is the rum that Jamaica has been waiting for. Rum Fire, ask for it, experience it and as always, drink responsibly. Read more at the Hampden Blog








Hampden Gold

Hampden Gold is a rich Gold Rum from Hampden Estate in Trelawny, Jamaica. Using techniques created centuries ago, Hampden Gold was developed exclusively for the very sophisticated markets in the UK and the EU.


Hampden Rums and Rum Products

At the Distillery, guests are introduced to Hampden rums and products. It is here that they probably get their first taste experience of the varying specialties that make Hampden unique in the Jamaican rum experience. It is also here that the food processors, perfume manufacturers, specialty scented product manufacturers and others will come and be introduced to Hampden, its products and product specifications. For these clients, Hampden will develop special marks and ester levels consistent with the requirements necessary for their product ranges and industries.


Depending on the specialty of our industry partners, Hampden High Ester Rums can be made available for use in a variety of ways and products under special licensing to supply varying high ester rums for use in the blending of rums for the retail rum market. Additionally, certain high ester concentrations can be supplied for the flavoring of a wide range of food and drink products.

Rum supplies to merchant processors specializing in:

  • - Alcoholic Beverages
  • - Baking Products
  • - Egg Nog and other heavy beverages, Chocolates, Ice Cream, Coffee Brews.
  • - Cosmetic Fragrances
  • - Rum Esters for cologne and other toiletries
  • - Rum Esters for candles and other scents and fragrances.