Environmental Stewardship

A visit to Hampden Distillery will reveal a very special or a symbiotic relationship between the distillery’s operation and the natural environment. This is because very exacting natural conditions must be preserved for the natural yeasts (within the Queen of Spain Valley) to be fully activated in the making of its rums. For Hampden, environmental stewardship is the life blood of the distillery. Without our natural environment, there is no "Hampden High Ester" rums.


Water used in the making of its “rum washes” is supplied not from underground aquifers but via its own mountain water collection system, and after use, returns only clean water to the earth. Water utilized for heat exchangers and for condensers are via underground wells. All water after use, is cooled and sent to prized Koi demonstration display habitats. water is returned, clean to the environment. Natural lighting is extensively utilized throughout the facility and energy use is kept to an absolute minimum. Hampden is one of the most efficient distilleries (heavy pot category) in Jamaica based upon production input vs. Liters of Absolute Alcohol produced.


Ongoing and planned renovations schedule the use of 100% recycled structural and miscellaneous steel components. Additionally 81% of all rum receiving vessels were fabricated at the distillery from recycled stainless steel. All stainless steel piping used in rum transfers throughout the facility are fabricated from recycled piping. Heat island effects by Hampden estate within the Queen of Spain Valley is non existent. Hampden has embarked upon an aggressive program to be the first distillery in Jamaica to achieve a zero carbon footprint reality. Hampden have also commenced the growing of its own fruits for use in the making of it’s rums to ensure their growth on clean and unpolluted soil and in which there is no use of chemical fertilizers or use of pesticides etc.